This year, Seattle Web Fest is building our sponsorship opportunities and opening up more ways to reach an international audience of working filmmakers through our on-screen advertising program, red carpet backdrop, awards, & giveaways.

The options below can be somewhat customized to meet your needs and we encourage you to reach out using the inquiry below.

On-Screen Theatrical Advertising

During the festival on March 11th, at the beginning of each of six 90 minute presentations (or "blocks"), we're offering up to four 30 second video advertisement positions open to businesses and organizations.

Each 30 second video ad spot is priced at $100.
Advertisers may purchase multiple blocks such as 3 blocks for $250 or all 6 blocks for $500.
Ads over 30 seconds would need to be trimmed down by the business or would require the purchase of additional 30 second intervals to accommodate. For example, a 55 second video would require the purchase of two spots for a total of $200 for one block.

Note: Although some guests attend all 6 blocks, audience turnover is quite common with last year's attendance ranging from 60-70 viewers per block.

Sponsors/Advertisers also receive:

  • Name and/or logo placement in our website footer (to ensure placement on all pages).
  • Name and/or logo placement in our printed program handed out at the festival.
  • A dedicated Facebook & Twitter post thanking them for their support with links to their product, company, and/or video ad.
  • Name and/or logo placement in our post-screening theater display during filmmaker Q&As.

Timing & Delivery

In order to facilitate on-screen advertising, your video ad would need to be delivered in the highest available quality no later than the end of February. After this time, we cannot guarantee your ad would be presented at the festival and we would not be able to refund that sponsorship. You would still receive the other Sponsor benefits and we may be able to defer that video advertisement to the following year's event but this is not guaranteed.

Red Carpet Sponsor

Sponsors who give over $1000 or more will be included in our festival's "Step and Repeat" photo backdrop meaning their logo would be included in all "Red Carpet" photos.

SWF2017 - 1.jpg

Non-Monetary Sponsorship

Businesses who support Seattle Web Fest through non-monetary contributions are also eligible for the above Sponsor benefits only if Seattle Web Fest has reached out to those entities or in the cases where Seattle Web Fest deems those contributions valuable to the success of our event.

For example, the donation of award prizes may qualify on an equal value such as a $200 value prize may equal a $200 sponsorship.

Giveaways or "Swag"

Instead of monetary sponsorship or high-value non-monetary donations, businesses may choose to provide discount gift certificates, coupons, products, services, or "swag" (Branded t-shirts, stickers, flash drives, etc) to our attending filmmakers or guests.

These items are more than welcome at our festival and are a great way to get in front of the eyes and on the minds of filmmakers. However, donation of these items does not equate to on-screen advertising or other sponsor perks, except in some cases where we may choose to announce their inclusion via Facebook and/or Twitter.

We encourage these items to be branded by your company, therefor acting as their own direct marketing.

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