Oh wow. So much news. Where do we even begin?

Let’s start with the fact that Seattle Web Fest is getting a major overhaul. The next round of Seattle Web Fest won’t be anything like the last three years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this upgrade.


SWF, meet SIFF.  SIFF, meet SWF.

The short version is that Seattle Web Fest is folding into the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). This lets us bring web series to one of the biggest film festivals in the country. Instead of a standalone event, Seattle Web Fest will become a SIFF-curated selection of series presented during SIFF 2018 on June 2nd.

Our goal has always been to put web series creators in front of the biggest and best audiences out there, and this does exactly that. Which leads me to our next bit of news…


Submissions are now open for 2018.

Submissions for “Episodic” content at SIFF are NOW OPEN for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER! 

We’re also ecstatic to have been asked to help review and curate SIFF’s first-ever web series selections. We’ll be working with SIFF directly to put together an incredible collection of episodic content, and we’ll be bringing everything we know about the series industry to the table.

Regular Deadline: November 3, 2017
Late Deadline: January 5, 2018
WAB Extended Deadline: February 2, 2018


A Season of Series

Presented by a New Seattle Web Series Partnership

As if the above news wasn’t enough, we’ll also be working with some excellent new joint partners: The Film School and Shoreline Community College, to bring you two more events between now and SIFF. We’re calling them “Web Fest Fall” & “Web Fest Spring,” (details to be announced) with our summer program being “Web Fest at SIFF.” The latter event will replace our usual Seattle Web Fest which usually takes place in March.

With The Film School putting together a fantastic lineup of educational events & panels and Shoreline Community College providing a top-notch venue, you can expect each of these events to be a great way to see some awesome series and meet some equally awesome people.


Web Fest Fall

web fest fall poster v4.png

On Saturday, October 14th at Shoreline Community College, join us for the first event of the 2017-2018 season, featuring a collection of panels presented by The Film School and screenings of some of the best local and international web series from the last three years of Seattle Web Fest. Here's what you can expect:

12 PM - Panel: Positioning Your Web Series for Pickup
Presented by The Film School

Industry executives give an insider look at how to market your web series to buyers. Featuring:

  • Tom Skerritt: Writer-Director, Actor, and Founder of The Film School Seattle
  • Stacey Adams: Past Current Executive CBS Television on shows like Big Bang Theory and the CSI franchise
  • Diana Dotter: Producer of Feature Film, Television & Web Series and Executive Director of TheFilmSchool Seattle.

1 PM - Best of Seattle Web Fest “NEAR”
Featuring SWF Award-Winning Series from the Pacific Northwest including:

  • Manic Pixie Dream Wife
  • JourneyQuest
  • Phoenix Run
  • Capitol Hill
  • Dynamo

2:15 PM - Speed Networking Event
Meet and Greet with show creators & industry professionals including brief presentations from TheFilmSchool, Shoreline Community College, and SIFF.

3 PM - Best of Seattle Web Fest “FAR”
Featuring SWF Award-Winning International Series including:

  • Bertrand
  • Psychosomatic
  • High Road
  • Whatever Linda
  • Wimpole Street
  • Wastelander Panda


In Closing…

We’ve spent the last three years trying to provide web series creators with the tools, audience, and resources they need to bring their ideas out into the world. By joining forces with the powerhouse that is SIFF and creating partnerships with organizations such as The Film School and Shoreline, we’re proud to say we’re taking things a couple (okay, maybe a dozen) steps forward.

We know you have questions so we’ve updated our site with an FAQ section below that we’ll keep updating as questions come in. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Thank you for making Seattle Web Fest everything it is, was, and will be.


The Seattle Web Fest Team



Have a question about all this big news? Let us know.


How do I submit my web series to Seattle Web Fest?

All submissions go directly to SIFF via Withoutabox.com under their brand new "Episodic" category. Here's a direct link.


I'm a Washington State filmmaker. Are there any submission fee discounts or waivers?

Absolutely. Traditionally SIFF gives full waivers to Washington State filmmakers. To get yours, email entries@siff.net to get a code to use when submitting your series via Withoutabox.



We strive to adapt to the web series industry which is currently leaning toward larger film festivals so although we will not have our normal Seattle Web Fest in March, we've merged into the Seattle International Film Festival to bring web series to one of the biggest festivals in the country. At the moment, web series are scheduled to be screened during SIFF on June 2nd.

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