Congratulations on being accepted into Seattle Web Fest 2017.

This page tells you everything you need to know about this year's festival. Please carefully read it carefully, then fill out the form below so we can start marketing your series.


Public Selection Announcement

We will make our lineup of shows available to the public today. Please refrain from publicly posting or mentioning your acceptance into Seattle Web Fest until we’ve made our official announcement.


Master Presentation Files

Now that you’ve been accepted into the festival, we need to collect your presentation copy of the episode you’ll be screening. We’ll send you a separate email letting you know what we’ve chosen to present.

  • The easiest way to send your master file (which should be at the highest quality you can send but try to keep it under 5gb please) is to send it via to our Technical Director, Matt Longmire at He will be your point of contact leading up to the festival if you have any technical questions about screening your series at SWF 2016. We need these as soon as possible but NO LATER than February 1st. They can be .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .avi or most other formats. The venue will project at 1080p so smaller resolutions will be upscaled while larger will be downscaled. 
  • If we do not have your master copy before February 1st, we will have to download your YouTube or Vimeo web copy which often has a drastically lower quality when screened in a theater. If neither are available and we cannot locate a downloadable version, your series will be removed from our lineup.
  • If your series is not in English and contains subtitles, please send your master file with those subtitles hardcoded or "burned in" instead of separate video and subtitle files.
  • Note: Shows with very long credits may have their credits shortened by speeding them up to make sure they’re all seen but possibly at a faster rate. Audio would not be sped up. Reason being... some shows are very short (some even under 2 minutes). If you have 4 minutes of credits, that’s another show that could be screened. 


Badges & Lanyards

We’ll prepare a badge, lanyard, & drink voucher for you and a guest (the two names you list in our form). You may bring as many people as you’d like but only two badges will be provided. The sooner we know, the better we can be prepared to host you during the festival.  


The Venue

SWF 2017 will take place at Northwest Film Forum which is located at 1515 12th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, on 12th Avenue between Pike & Pine Street. You can find more details here.



Getting There

If you’re flying into Seattle, your best option is to look for flights into SEATAC (SEA) Airport. Flights from Alaska Air, Virgin Airlines, & Jet Blue often have good rates for air travel. There are also train options via and those in the Pacific Northwest may find the BoltBus to be cheaper. While staying in Seattle, renting a car is often recommended but parking is expensive and can be difficult to find near the venue. If coming from the Airport, the Link Light Rail is very affordable and easy to get to downtown Seattle but cabs & Ubers are available as well.


Where to Stay

There are several options near Northwest Film Forum, some within walking distance. The Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway is the closest hotel to the venue but you may find other options on Kayak or AirBNB is another potential choice. Seattle is fairly walk-able (weather permitting) but we do have some steep hills so if you choose to stay further from the venue, Uber cabs are a good option. 


Red Carpet

We’ll be taking “Red Carpet” photos with filmmakers throughout the day and interviews in the evening. 



We’re currently developing a fantastic collection of helpful panels and workshops we’ll announce as we get closer to the festival. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Twitter, and site for the lineup. Seats for these panels are on a first-come, first-serve basis so get there early to reserve a seat.



You can download your “Official Selection” laurels here:

We ask that you do not alter these images other than sizing but we encourage you to use them in your marketing materials.


Awards & Ceremony

At 9pm, we’ll end the festival with the presentation of awards which will last roughly half an hour. Winners will not be announced prior to the ceremony and we do not announce nominees. All accepted series are considered for all awards.

We will have an “Audience Choice” award where audience members will be given a rating card for the block they’re viewing and ratings will be averaged at the end of the day to select a winner prior to the ceremony.

Fill out my online form.

Once you've filled out the form, be sure to send us your master presentation file via to no later than February 1st.


We'd like to thank you for participating in Seattle Web Fest 2017. We look forward to presenting your series and hope to see you at the festival on March 11th.



The Seattle Web Fest Team