Seeking Volunteers for #SWF2017

Thank you to all who've signed up to volunteer! We should have it covered at this point.

Seattle Web Fest is a single-day free event put on by a small group of determined people. So small in fact, that we need a bit of a hand on March 11th.

We’re looking for volunteers able to help with a few things…

  • Check in filmmakers in the lobby
  • Direct people to our panels and screenings
  • Answer questions about the day’s events
  • Hand out programs
  • Clean theaters between showings
  • Count audience attendance
  • Help process the sale of merchandise
  • Hand out & collect “Audience Choice Award” ballots

We wouldn’t ask anyone to do all of those things but it’s most of what our volunteers do at the event. The more you can help with, the smoother the festival runs.

The festival itself runs from 10am to 10pm but we’ll begin setup at around 9am.
If you can help at any point during the day, we’ll take it!

Volunteers who can help for at least 4 hours receive a few perks…

  • A SWF Badge & Lanyard
  • An official SWF coffee mug
  • Lunch and/or dinner
  • Paid parking (Maximum $15)

We also try to make sure that our volunteers have the opportunity to see the screenings & panels they’re most interested in so when applying, let us know what you’d like to see.

If you can help us on March 11th, fill out the form below and let us know what jobs you’d feel comfortable with and what time you can start and end.

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This includes what elements of our schedule you'd like to see or any special skills, such as technical ability, we should know.