We at Seattle Web Fest strive to bring you the best festival we possibly can while providing the best resources available for the incredible world of web series.

There are so many things we desperately wish we could announce at the moment but for now, we’ll have to leave you with a teaser until we finalize some specifics. What we can tell you is that Seattle Web Fest is crazy excited to be teaming up with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), The Film School, and Shoreline Community College for some big and exciting changes to our scrappy little festival.


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For those interested in submitting to Seattle Web Fest’s next season, hang tight. Submissions will be open very soon alongside more of these announcements, most likely within the next couple of weeks.

For now, be sure to mark your calendars to save the dates of October 14th, April 14th, and June 2nd for what is shaping up to be an entire season of Web Fest events including screenings, panels, and opportunities.

Until next time, keep making incredible things and we’ll keep trying to help you get them out there.

The Seattle Web Fest Team