Seeka.TV Joins SWF2017 as Red Carpet Sponsor

Seattle Web Fest is thrilled to announce Seeka TV as our latest Red Carpet sponsor!


Seeka TV is a new distribution platform for high quality, independent web series. Currently in the middle of a soft-launch,  Seeka TV will be opening their doors this summer.


For viewers, Seeka TV is a curated online channel that houses some of the world's best web series, including 2016 Seattle Web Fest selections, Theater People and Hat Trick Bitches.


Seeka TV uses innovative tools that automate or facilitate all aspects of web series deliver from online streaming to audience engagement and growth, to monetization.


Filmmakers can use Seeka TV to reach their viewers’ social networks, interact with their audience, and explore options beyond advertising and subscriptions for making money.


Welcome aboard Seeka TV!

Thank you for helping us make Seattle Web Fest 2017 a reality.