Pitchfest Returns to SWF2017! Now Seeking Submissions.

Back by popular demand . . . #Pitchfest2017!

Have a new idea for a web series? Wish you could run it past the experts before you start development? #SWF2017 is here for you! On March 11th, show creators with new series ideas will have the opportunity to pitch their concepts to industry experts for feedback and insights in real time.

Get advice from the pros BEFORE you start filming. Be it audience engagement, budget considerations, or online platform questions, our panel of experts will be on hand to provide immediate feedback on both the show ideas and the pitch.

Pitchfest was a highlight of the 2016 Seattle Web Fest for Show creators and Festival goers alike.

I had the pleasure of participating in the pitch panel at 2016 SWF, and I’m so grateful I did! You can take classes, read books, and follow blogs to learn the business, but being able to pitch is paramount to getting you in the door. There’s nothing that can replicate the interaction of pitching your work to a panel of industry people - if you lose them, they’ll tell you. If you’re funny, they’ll laugh. In the end, I got some really valuable advice and made some serious contacts from this experience that has lead me to more work in the industry. I would pitch to their panel every year if I could.
— M. Liz Eller / Manic Pixie Dream Wife

Interested in pitching? Submit your idea for a new series below by Saturday, March 4th.

** Please Note that Seattle Web Fest and the Pitchfest Panelists claim no possession of your presented idea. Your pitch is yours and this is a safe place to present it. **

Submitters will be notified of acceptance pending a review of their submission form. 

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Your Name
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