From Manic Pixies to Zombie-like Superheroes, from Port Orchard to Spokane, and from forty dollars to $400k . . . Washington based web series run the gamut of stories, locations and budgets.  All in all, we know of at least seventy-five series filmed locally, and we can only guess how many other Washington State shows are out there.  We can safely say web series are officially a thing in Seattle.       

In 2008, a well known Seattle filmmaker took a chance on a new medium in storytelling and released the first local web series on record. By 2011, there were a dozen Seattle based shows in production and web series content creators started meeting up regularly to strategize the new medium. Today the Seattle Web Series Meetup group continues to collaborate with the intention of uniting filmmakers and providing them with the knowledge, experience and skills to help them make the project they wanted to make.

Currently, there are 850 members representing over fifty shows participating in the bi-monthly meet ups at the Seattle Film Institute (3210 16th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119.) The meet ups feature panels, screenings, networking, & plenty of discussion about the current state of web series in Seattle.  In 2017 we're meeting in alternating months.  If you have interest in local web series, we hope you can join us.