10 AM


What the Funny?

A collaboration of some of the best of Seattle's Independent Film, Fringe Theatre and music scenes was undertaken back in 2008 as part of the new wave of independent film. Designed to take advantage of Internet distribution and the growing influence of social networks, it was made as a series of ten-minute episodes. A mockumentary between 'Waiting for Guffman' and 'The Office', 'What the Funny' is the story of Max, long-suffering owner of a struggling comedy-theatre in Seattle. The theatre company struggles through the final weeks of preparation for their next show, and the only thing standing in their way is money, talent, ego, and the occasional murder. Several of the Filmmakers, Cast, and Crew will be in attendance. Moderated by Angela DiMarco - Actor "What the Funny?" / Mighty Tripod Productions.

11 AM


Taking Advantage of Local Resources: Making Washington Work For You

Join host Alycia Delmore for the 11am panel to explore how to make WA work for you. From WA state film incentives to regional grant opportunities to indie film rates on permits and location fees, discover the local resources available to Filmmakers in Washington to help get your web series made.

Alycia Delmore @alyciadelmore(Actor/Producer) starred as Anna in Lynn Shelton’s Humpday (winner of a special jury prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Official Entry in Cannes 2009 Directors' Fortnight, and winner of the John Cassavetes Independent Spirit Award for 2010) and was featured in Megan Griffith's The Off Hours (Official Sundance Selection, 2011). She is the producer of Rocketmen the Web Series (to be released summer, 2015), in which she is also an actor. Her background and training are in theater, and she has worked for many years in the Seattle theater community. She is an actor, writer, producer, and collaborator, and an excellent contribution to a dinner party.

Krys Karns is the Production Services Coordinator at Washington Filmworks. She is the 1st point of contact at Washington Filmworks for filmmakers and offers assistance related to locations, permits, accommodations and production resources.  Prior to Washington Filmworks, Krys worked for nine years in the film industry in the areas of production and locations on such television series as “Touched By An Angel” and “Promised Land” and the recent features “J. Edgar” and “Gangster Squad.” In 2004 she joined the staff of Cast & Crew Entertainment Services as their Marketing Coordinator where she assisted with the development of marketing materials, coordinated events and trade shows, and continued to support clients in the entertainment industry.  Krys was raised in Los Angeles, but now makes Seattle her home. She is a graduate of Cal State University Northridge and holds a degree in Radio, Television & Film

Ben Dobyns @.Ben is a Seattle filmmaker and a co-founder of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. His innovative distribution model, for creator-owned shows like JourneyQuest, Dark Dungeons, and The Gamers: Hands of Fate, has helped build a worldwide base of fan-funders, who have contributed more than $700,000 in production funding to the Seattle economy, for which ZOE was honored in 2013 by the City of Seattle’s In Good Company award.  In addition to his work with ZOE, Ben edited two features for Kairos Productions, served as an assistant director on over a dozen Seattle pictures, co-founded local non-profit makerspace Jigsaw Renaissance, wrote several screenplays and a novel, and was published beside Neil Gaiman in a short story anthology.

Sam Mouser has worked at the City of Seattle’s Office of Film + Music since 2012. Working for the Office of Film + Music, Sam provides permitting and coordination assistance to hundreds of film productions and event organizers per year. Prior to his work with the City, Sam produced events at the University of Washington and co-founded an independent record label with three of his best friends. He has lived in the Seattle area his whole life.


Altruman Comedy / Melbourne, Australia'Altruman' tells the story of a selfless superhero who begins to question his life choices after being diagnosed with cancer. Series premiered in Australia on ABC iview where it was viewed over 40,000 times, and is now available worldwide on YouTube.

Whatever, Linda Comedy / Toronto, Canada Whatever, Linda is a ten-part internet dramedy inspired by the ‘real’ story behind the epic rise and fall of the largest financial fraud in history. Tucked away in the bowels of the accounting office of Barney Lahnar Investment Securities on Wall Street in 1978, entry-level employee and victim of circumstance, Linda Thoroughbred, cracks the code to begin the world’s most notorious Ponzi scheme with the help of her three female co-workers.

High Road Comedy / Piha, New Zealand A washed up English rockstar decides to start a new life by moving to New Zealand and running a community radio station out of his caravan. Turns out some times fresh beginnings lead to the same endings.

Wimpole Street Comedy / London, England. U.K A Victorian-era mystery mockumentary set in 1870s London. In a series of fly-on-the-wall style interviews, an unseen journalist interviews the Miller household concerning the disappearance of Mr. John Miller M.P.

The Adventures of Suzy BoonComedy / Auckland, New Zealand The show follows the (mis)adventures of our hero, Suzy, who is trying to find where she belongs in this world – and by world she means New Zealand. She is at the last week of her trial period at the Immigration Service of New Zealand and stakes are high – there’s a lot to prove if she wants to stay on the job. Thing is, Suzy has a lot on her mind right now. Love, happiness, her own identity; you know, the works.

12 PM


"Why Make a Web Series"

Join host Darlene Sellers and panelists Emma Peterson, Dan Ast, Ryan Pears, and Anny Havland as the noon panel explores the advantages of the web series format. Be it audience engagement, budget considerations or online distribution opportunities, find out why more and more filmmakers are turning to the web to tell their stories in serial format.

Host Darlene Sellers began working as an actress, director and choreographer on Seattle theater stages and added film production to her resume in 1999. To date she has contributed to over thirty locally made films, some of which have premiered at Cannes, SIFF, STIFF, Raindance and NWFF.  Her most recent project, Chop Socky Boom, allowed her the chance to co-create (with her good friend Heath Ward) a web series about misfit indie actors cast in an action kung fu show.  Darlene has been extremely impressed by the supportive nature of the web series community at large and is thrilled at the opportunity to team up to bring some of that awesome to Seattle, Washington.

Emma Peterson is a filmmaker from Vancouver, B.C. She has worked on many film projects from small, indie short films to full TV series in a variety of roles. Also she is an associate producer with Frostbite Pictures, and has helped with several of their projects. In 2013 she wrote, directed and produced her first web series pilot, Polaris, which has won awards at multiple festivals around the world, including Overall Best Series at Toronto Web Fest and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy at Melbourne Web Fest

Dan Ast@LAMacabreTV Dan has been making movies for about half of his young life, starting with VHS camcorders and tape-to-tape editing mixers up 'til the "shoot-it-and-cut-it-on-your-phone" present-day. He began working in the web space in 2012, co-writing/co-directing documentary web series Vampires: New Orleans, writing the second season of hit web series Fallout: Nuka Break, editing web series Riley Rewind, Blip's Indie Across America, and directing almost 50 episodes of Equals Three with new host Robby Motz. With his company, Half Ast Productions, Dan has partnered with D Studios Productions to create a feature film, Claire, and Vampires: New Orleans. The same team has partnered for Dan's newest writing/directing effort, L.A. Macabre and hopes to find support for season two this year.

Anny Havland @Anny Havland is the Executive Producer and Host of Talk it Up TV, a multiple award winning web-series. The show provides positive messages & helps those who are most in need and at times when they least expect it. They’ve been able to touch on homelessness, autism, inner beauty and many other amazing topics.  Anny was recently recognized as the 2014 Best TV Personality through Evening Magazine/King5 News and in 2013 was a finalist for Professional Woman of the Year. In addition she has helped raised tens of thousands of dollars for non-profits organizations.

Ryan Pears @ryanpears likes writing funny things and then putting those things on the internet in hopes that others find them funny. Co-creator of the series "Under The HUD" and writer of the series "Bronies". Ryan resides in Vancouver and has two wiener dogs.


The Bloody Mary Show

Comedy / London, UK

Say her name three times and she'll come for you. Kill you? Are you kidding? She's far too nice to do that.

Capitol Hill

Comedy / Seattle, WA

Starring Waxie Moon and inspired by '70s and '80s TV shows, "Capitol Hill" follows an innocent young girl named Roses Smell, who escapes the terrible backwater hellhole of Portland, Ore., and comes to beautiful Seattle, Washington, in hopes of a better life. But will she find it in the dangerous world filled with nuns, homosexuals, demonic possession and pro-wrestling?

Croissant Man

Comedy / Los Angeles, CA

A depressed Croissant searches for meaning in the superficial world of Bourgeois Pastries.


Comedy / London, England

Promises to make your Top 3 "Shows About A Duck That Comes From The Future Who Now Lives With A Semi-Evolved Whale And A Thawed-Out Female T-Rex And A Sentient English Muffin."

The Amazing Gayl Pile

Comedy / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gayl Pile is the Shop-At-Home Channel’s most unappreciated and underpaid on-air personality. His job is to chit- chat with product reps as they sell their “revolutionary” gadgets and “miracle” remedies to the viewers at home. With his forced smile and cutesy banter, Gayl can fake enthusiasm for products better than anyone, but there’s one thing he can no longer fake enthusiasm for... his own pathetic life.

1 PM


Business and Legal in the Web Series World

Get your ducks in a row up front to prepare your show for the best distribution opportunities. Deft handling of contracts, releases and permits will save you money in the end. Moderated by Liz Ellis - Creator of WRECKED Reserved seats become available to the public at event start time.



Drama / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Milo is a scientist working for the Galaxis Corporation on a lonely space station in the middle of nowhere, with only the station's artificial intelligence, Donna, for company. When the station is struck by debris and sent drifting into deeper space, damaged irreparably and without communications, Milo loses hope of ever being rescued. Everything changes when an unexpected starship appears, its crew having run into some trouble of their own...

The River

Drama / Los Angeles, CA & Seattle, WA

“The River” is the story of five men abducted into an underground game of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker where the winner will receive $1,000,000 but the losers will die.

Divine: The Series

Drama / Vancouver, BC, Canada

A young priest must come to terms with his crisis of faith or risk damnation to the soul of a living miracle. With man’s free will held in the balance, the bloody conflict surrounding the immortal being known as Divine will take him further into his religion than he ever dreamed possible.

Phoenix Run

Drama / Tacoma, WA

Phoenix Run is a gritty, dramatic web series, video game and accompanying motion comic book that takes place in New Seattle, in a world where Superheroes and Zombies exist and everyone is infected with the deadly Z-strain. World War Z meets Heroes with a splash of Breaking bad.

2 PM


Web Series Production Design on a Budget

Web Series creators are adept at doing more with less. What are the extra things you can do with Art Dec and Design to increase Production Value and give your show an edge on the internet? Moderated by Heath Ward - Co-Creator of Chop Socky Boom Reserved seats become available to the public at event start time.



Comedy / Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

A hard-boiled detective, sultry femme-fatale, and a sentimental Russian thug share a house in present day suburbia. They would have killed one another already, but the dead don’t pay the rent. This is a sharehouse full of flying bullets, steamy looks, and split bills.

The Digressions

Comedy / Astoria, NY

The Digressions is a web series about the detours that happen on the road to adulthood. Five friends (Spencer, Michelle, Preston, Theo, and Kenley) have been through a lot together. In fact, they kind of assumed they would and took comfort in the idea that they’d always have each other. But after an awkward make out, some ill-timed confessions and an attempted strangling – things aren’t looking so certain...


Comedy / London, UK

3some is an award-winning comedy-drama webseries, set in London, following the lives of three 30-somethings, Rob, Jenny and Paul.


Comedy / Paris, France

Ben, a carefree and immature young man living in the suburbs, share all of his problems, combined with family, friends and of course, girl problems. ( French series with english subtitles ).

Out With Dad

Drama / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A teenage girl and her single father. Rose is coming of age and coming out of the closet. All he wants is for her to be happy, and out with Dad.

Super Mashed Up

Comedy / Albany, NY & Toronto, Canada

Super Mashed Up is a crossover series where characters from superhero comedy series Super Knocked Up interact with characters from other shows. In this episode, superhero Burnup meets Nathan, Rose's supportive father from Out With Dad.

3 PM


Building Your Audience by Knowing Your Niche

One key advantage to the web series format is the opportunity to engage the audience. Identify, recruit, build and maintain a passionate fanbase to help promote and sustain your show. Moderated by Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome Reserved seats become available to the public at event start time.



Drama / Los Angeles, CA

Nerds. Food. Women. That was the tagline of the first season of the food themed series. Season 2 continues the story of Alan Wallace, an awkward geek who discovers that his cooking talents make him more appealing to the opposite sex. The premise of season 1, that cooking makes a man sexy, is demonstrated with an inappropriate bet that Alan is pressured into by his best friend and brother. In this season, we learn what happens once Alan realizes his sushi chef Rose isn't actually married.

Eat Our Feelings

Comedy / Brooklyn, NY

"Eat Our Feelings" is a comedy web series for the culinarily inclined. It follows Emma (a vegan) and Sasha (not a vegan)—a pair of twenty-somethings in Brooklyn. No matter what problem these girls face in life, they always find a way to whip up a solution in the kitchen.


Non-Fiction / Seattle, WA

Educurious is on a mission to transform high school. For a new innovative curriculum--funded by the Gates Foundation--Educurious asked Content Inventions to executive produce/direct/write a series of 75 web videos. The series features Nobel-prize winning scientists, authors, film directors, and politicians—sharing personal narratives about why & how they work. The videos bridge the real world with the topics studied in school. The videos inspired students to tell their own stories.

Talk It Up TV

Non-Fiction / Seattle, WA

Talk It Up TV that is all about sharing uplifting stories. We find stories of those who have gone through tragic situations in life that are in need of help and are deserving. We come in when least expected and provide a shocking act of kindness. The show is very uplifting and heartfelt. We’ve been able to make a huge impact in several lives.

Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?

Comedy / Los Angeles, CA

"Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?" is a scripted vlog style show all about the "joys" of trying to get pregnant. It's short, funny and a little raunchy. It takes a closer look at what happens for many couples during the fertility journey.

4 PM


Storytelling Across Media

Internet viewers are hungry for additional content. How can creators use traditional and nontraditional strategies to tell their stories across multiple platforms and keep their audience engaged? Moderated by Matt Longmire.


LARPs: The Series

Comedy / Montreal, Quebec, Canada

LARPs: The Series is an award-winning scripted web series that explores how the imagination of play affects reality—and vice versa. In a LARP, or live action role-playing game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them). Five friends meet regularly to play in a LARP, and we follow them through their daily lives to see the parallels between the game and the real world.

Pete Winning & The Pirates

Drama / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Armed with laser guns and wit, Pete Winning and his rag-tag crew navigate a global-warming flooded Canada in the not-too-distant future, in search of the self-crowned evil Queen's coveted maps of the new world.

La Supercafetera

Comedy / Spain

Three friends share a very special coffee maker: instead of coffee, it produces pin badges which give superpowers to those who wear them. By using these superpowers, the three geeks get involved in a quest that will eventually take them to a postapocalyptic future and back again to the present, where they stopped the future they've seen. Now they have to face a new enemy. Someone is trying to kill 90% of the population by spreading Small Pox around the world. ¿Will they be able to stop him?

A Quick Fortune

Comedy / London, United Kingdom

Set in the early 1940s, post Depression era America, A Quick Fortune follows Kate, an impoverished heiress, and her lovesick pauper companion Archie. Together they are scheming to win back her lost fortune through a series of madcap adventures.\u2028\u2028 A Quick Fortune is a new comedy webseries in five bite-size episodes.

Under the HUD

Comedy / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Life can be tough. Especially if you’re a video game character like Carl and Frances – two Principal Commanders in the first person shooter “Ring Planet”. Facing death, gunfire and relentless teabagging at the hands of their players, they’re also forced to deal with the fact they’re stuck in this game indefinitely. Together.

Job Hunters

Drama / Seattle, WA

In the near future, college graduates must fight (potentially to the death) to be placed by the MAEWIN corporation into careers. During their time at MAEWIN, recruits fight in an arena from 9-5 — while the rest of their time is their own (provided they stay in the MAEWIN-run Safe Houses). Our series follows a particular set of Job Hunters as they deal with adjusting to life in the Safe Houses, dealing with roommate issues, as well as sorting through feelings of their own impending doom.

5 PM


Platforms and Distribution

The appeal of the web is the diverse array of platforms available to feature your series. Tackle how the creator navigates the current landscape to maximize distribution potential. Moderated by Douglas Horn - Creator of Divergence


Standard Action

Comedy / Vancouver, BC, Canada Standard Action follows four misfit adventurers who just don't fit in to normal adventuring society. Together, they set out on a quest that will test their fellowship, and challenge everyone's perceptions of what a hero should be. Plus, they might just save the world in the process.

Not It

Comedy / Los Angeles, CA

Alex and Maddy are sisters with a habitual issue: they can't pay rent. But when an opportunity to "take care of a little problem" for their Landlord presents itself, the pair of nitwits find themselves in over their head taking on a notorious Mob Boss in exchange for free rent.

Firsts: The Series

Comedy / Los Angeles, CA

Show follows Chuck & Sally thru a series of awkward dating FIRSTS. First date, kiss, threesome, phone sex..In a filthy funny inappropriate way.

Dogs & Me

Comedy / Los Angeles, CA

"Dogs & Me" is a single camera sitcom loosely based on the life of writer/director, Matt Rocklin. The series centers on a young Hollywood actor, Matt Rocklin, and his two talking dogs, Jerry & Scarlet. From unexpected awkwardness, to absolute insanity, "Dogs & Me" is a never-ending journey that both pulls at the heart strings & tickles the funny bone.

Convos With My 2-Year-Old

Comedy / Vancouver, BC Canada

Actual conversations with my 2-year-old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full-grown man.

6 PM


Marketing Your Web Series

Incorporate marketing into your series from the jump. Find the balance between social media, traditional marketing and guerilla pr tactics to help sell your series to the internet masses. Moderated by Tara Theoharis - The Geeky Hostess / Job Hunters



Drama / Vancouver, BC, Canada

A global serial killer known only as "The Torch" has left a trail of victims in his wake, all with holes burned through their chests. INTERPOL agent Margo Haige and her team are tracking the Torch from body to body, searching for anything that would help identify the killer. When the team discovers a crystal spliced into the arm of a victim, they realize that they have only scratched the surface of the underlying story.


Drama / Everett WA

An unknown infection takes over a small Northwest town, SLOUGHTOWN, while a group of citizens attempt to escape to sanctuary.


Drama / Vancouver, BC, Canada

What begins as a series of isolated incidents of sudden onset dementia quickly escalates to a full epidemic when the cause is revealed to be a genetically modified fungus, lost for decades, that has been discovered & accidentally unleashed causing the infected to turn into ravenous monsters. Following several individuals from introduction to the abandonment of Earth by the survivors, “Stricken” shows the strengths & weaknesses of a society devastated by a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

L.A. Macabre

Drama / Los Angeles, CA The first season follows a small group of web series creators as they develop and release their new series, L.A. Macabre. When a former cult member joins them, their show evolves from a documentary style, fact-finding show about the dark history of Los Angeles, to a thrilling exposé focused on a disbanded cult, The New Family.

7 PM



Drama / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Matt is murdered, and awakens in a dark & ruined world of the Afterlife, a place filled with insane spirits, vengeful Wraiths and evil forces, and must learn how to survive from the reclusive spirit of a former friend.


Drama / Seattle, WA

Dynamo is like a sequence of events (but not in that order). It’s like an array of words and representational images. It’s an experiment. It’s a story. It’s a series of shorts. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/’cute cyberpunk’ webseries. It’s the result of four years of late night discussions between friends. It’s a convoluted puzzle about the nature of reality (and monsters! and horrible romance!) It’s a narrative with layers of interlocking pieces.

The Crack (La Grieta)

Drama / Granada, Spain

Spanish series developed in six 5-minute long chapters and a epilogue that creates a space which combines the explicitness and concretion of film discourse with the symbolic values of theatrical language. Three characters are playing when suddenly the ceiling begins to crack over their heads. The game and the bet are different in each chapter, and so is the context. "The Crack" shows a wide range of possible reactions within a small social group to a similar situation of urgency and danger.

Wastelander Panda: Exile

Drama / Adelaide, SA, Australia

Responsible for the violent death of a young girl, Isaac is banished to the savage world of the Wasteland, along with his mother and brother. Desperate to reinstate his family to Legion, Isaac aligns himself with the Helm Clan – a family of bounty hunters – to seek a replacement child.

8 PM

Filmmaker's Reception

Filmmakers will have a chance to mingle & celebrate the art of web series with fellow creators & industry panelists. Requires a Cast & Crew, Filmmaker, Press, Volunteer, or Panelist badge to attend. Filmmakers who submitted and were or were not accepted into the festival are invited to attend.

9 PM

Awards Ceremony

Join us as we end the festival by celebrating some of the best and brightest of the web series community with awards chosen by our juries.Requires a Cast & Crew, Filmmaker, Press, Volunteer, or Panelist badge to attend. Filmmakers who submitted and were or were not accepted into the festival are invited to attend.

Seattle Web Fest would like to thank all those who made our inaugural festival a reality through our Kickstarter Campaign.

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